Create with Nature Challenge

Create with Nature

Parent-Child Team Challenge

Getting outdoors and doing something creative with limited resources can get you bonding in a short time.

Shared experiences are memorable when they’re novel and filled with emotion.

See if you can’t get your hearts beating a little faster in anticipation of where you might end up in 5 minutes.

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Activity: Challenge your creativity and teamwork while getting some outdoor air.


Go outside in nature, move in one (general) direction for 5 minutes and then stop!

Wherever you end up, whatever may lie around you, create something for others to see!

Additional Thoughts:

This is one of those simple yet surprising activities that can really bring you closer together.

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed many beautiful tiny painted on rocks around our neighbourhood. Most were painted as rainbows and many included messages about how they were created to bring joy while we all had to stay away from each other.

Finding causes greater than ourselves is often an important catalyst for bonding.

Use this prompt to release yourself from any expectations. Embrace the challenge, open your mind, and follow your child’s lead when it comes to exploring your creativity together.

Duration: 10+ minutes


Whatever you find when you arrive!

How did you do?
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