Experience togetherness on dates with your kids!

Experience togetherness on dates with your kids!

Mini Adventures.

Magical Times.

Our digital platform helps families discover awe and wonder in our physical real world.
Nothing to download. Just quick and easy activity ideas guaranteed to give you a fun time together!

Our digital platform helps families discover awe and wonder in our physical real world.
Nothing to download. Just quick and easy activity ideas guaranteed to give you a fun time together!

Life with young kids is busy!

Parents, we’re right here with you.
Meaningful time together is something we all crave but our hectic schedules divert us down other paths.

We are creating something special we hope will become your family’s guide to co-creating magical bonding time together!
And it’s something we’d like to share with you as we build it.

We are LIOHAN, an early-stage startup passionate about well-being starting with the family unit.

Here’s your special invitation to an exclusive sneak preview!

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Family activities without the work

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the hectic – often overwhelming – life for parents with young children these days.

But with just a few moments each day, we can help you connect in ways you’ve never imagined.

LIOHAN is all about “Living In Our Here And Now”.
Through our engaging activities delivered online and via an app, we guide your family to co-create magical time together.

With a little bit of teamwork, and some fun “technology for good”, your family will be laughing, growing, and thriving!

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Once you sign in, our app will guide you on what to do next. Get your kid, watch the first video, and away you go! Our activities start at the screen and then continue in your physical real world.

We promise you’ll have a fun time together will little prep-work. Like anything in life, the more you commit yourself to the present moment, the more you’ll get out of it. Our activities are designed to take you slightly out of your comfort zones so that you grow together. You’ll also explore aspects of each other and yourselves – like your many physical senses – in ways you may not during everyday life.

So take a look and let us know what you think! We’ll be in touch for feedback and you can share as much, or as little, as you want. Every interaction with our app helps us learn how to make it better and more impactful for families like yours.

What's a LIOHAN experience like?


A fun little warm-up activity to help set the mood and get us centered in the moment, focused on your loved one.


An opportunity to spend time getting to know the materials and concepts that you will be experiencing during the event. A brief but tantalizing start to the date!


After the initial Experiment phase, we’ll do a deeper dive into the event’s overall theme. An attention-grabbing demonstration that will leave you wanting more.


You get the opportunity to apply what you have just learned and to test the theories introduced. Most events will guide you to create something you can proudly bring home afterwards. A memento of your time together!


Look into each other’s eyes and reflect on what you just experienced together and what you just learned about each other.

Thank you for being a part of our journey from idea to reality!

Thanks for reading and finding this important.

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Our founder, Crystal Wong Kruger, shares more behind-the-scenes stories about how she came up with LIOHAN and why.

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LIOHAN has received generous support from Kaban Montessori and three start-up incubators!

Designed with science, research, and heart!

Hard lessons learned as a modern parent

With modern day living being completely different from generations past, many of us become parents with little practical guidance in light of how things are today.

At least, that’s how life was for me and my husband when we became parents.

I was already extremely busy building my career with aspirations of eventually starting my own business when we took the advice we’d heard so many times before: “There’s no best time to have a baby. So just have a baby when (and if) it feels right.”

So before I knew it, I was a mother of 2 young precious people and I struggled to make quality time for them let alone myself.

I also lived in conflict with how the world would often make me feel I had to live my life. That is, one that still valued fierce competition, perceived learning as a luxury, and kids stuff being well, “kids stuff”.

This was not the world I wanted my kids to grow up in. So I committed to making a change.

But where to start? Life was so busy.

So I asked the experts: I asked my kids.

Our creator Crystal and family before baby brother joined them in 2016.

20200611_142931 (2)

What I discovered about one-on-one time with my kids

We’re taught that as adults, we need to model behaviour for our kids and it seems we often misinterpret this to mean we must be perfect human specimens for our children.

We live fearful we might mess them up for life if we do the wrong things in front of them. 
We shield them from our true selves because we believe we need to shelter them. 

But what if letting them know us truly and deeply not only helps them be better prepared for the world but also lets them bond with us in ways many of us either wished we did with our own parents, or want for our own children, or both?

And there’s some magic I discovered when our second child was only 4. I would take her out for one-on-one time with me. Our time alone allowed her to shine, to not worry about competing for my attention with her older brother, and with reassurance that I was focused entirely on the two of us.

We created special shared experiences just for the two of us.

And the conversations flowed. And my little daughter became a mature friend before my eyes and we would laugh and share heart-to-heart talks. All from having time together and apart from the rest of the world.

Check out the first video we created to generate awareness about what we do!

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