Terms & Conditions

Effective date: May 20, 2020

Hi friends,

This will hopefully be the easiest to read and understand “Terms and Conditions” you’ve ever read.

Our app is provided “as is” as a free service to hopefully entertain you and your family. The challenges, activities, and ideas provided herein are suggestions only and do not represent the advice of any experts. Please use your own best judgment when doing anything suggested here or elsewhere and above all, stay safe and healthy.

At this early stage, this app is probably not even mature enough to be considered a beta product. It was created quickly but with lots of love and in more ways than one is like another child. At least that’s what I wish for it. To be like a child that slowly grows with nurturing and love into a self-aware and confident app with a purpose that includes helping others.

Please do give feedback if you have any concerns, questions, ideas, or just because you want to connect with us. By “us”, we really mean “me” but legally we probably do mean “us.” Also, it’s probably best for “us” to remind you right now that if you do happen to share any ideas with us, great or small, 1) we will greatly appreciate it but 2) not in the monetary sense. So thank you in advance for all your kind and generous help but we’ll own all rights to any ideas that we implement even if you also told us about them because we probably already thought about it ourselves. Wow, that sounds possibly arrogant but we imagine you understand. Still, please do share if you want. It helps us prioritize what’s important to you.

Even your using of this app at this stage is a great help to us, LIOHAN Inc. We just remembered that we should probably define “us” beyond “not legally me” 🙂 There, have you ever seen a Terms and Conditions with a smiley face?

So back to what concerns you. Yes, this app will capture – and then send to our secure, stored in the cloud database – your email address. It will also store securely any data you put into it including which challenges you mark complete. We will never sell nor share your data with any 3rd parties without your explicit consent. Really, there should be no reason for us to share your data even with your explicit consent.

Because we do have access to what you put into the app, please understand that we will probably look at it. Not to be nosy but to better understand how you’re using it; e.g. how many challenges you’ve marked off as checked. But really, probably nothing that you wouldn’t do yourself and at this time the app is so rudimentary that we probably can’t see a lot of things. For example, we won’t even be able to tell if you’ve read this text but we wish we could because it’d be fun to know if you did. All this stuff about data privacy and protection is covered in real legalize under our “Privacy Policy” which you can also read but it’s a lot less “fun”.

For that reason, if you happen to still be reading this, and agree (which you have because somewhere along the way we would have had to ask you to accept them before using this app), AND you feel like it, please do drop us a line at connect@liohan.space. It would absolutely tickle us to know that you read this and didn’t just blindly accept our Terms and Conditions. We probably shouldn’t have just written that but really, we’re just kidding because of course, you read this! You’re reading it now! It’s just that most people wouldn’t bother to tell us they read it which is why if you send us an email please also add some notes about how you read this long thing and what you like about this app. And it wouldn’t hurt to know if you totally got our joke about quick love and babies. Not exactly a little-kid-friendly-joke and that’s probably all we’re going to say in this app about how LIOHAN isn’t really about the kids….it’s about all of us.

Lastly, here’s our business address

3534 Irwin Ct
Mississauga ON L5L 4W4

So we think that’s it. When we create an actual beta version we’ll probably update this language. Until then, Live In Our Here And Now.”