Long to turn fleeting Together time into precious Quality time?
Deep & Lasting Bonding takes more than just spending time together, in the same space.

It takes shared experiences where Everyone is engaged to create Meaningful Memories for our children to take into adulthood.

LIOHAN takes the pressure & work out of creating these precious moments and gives you incredible, entertaining activities to empower you to…

Bond. Learn. Grow…together


We create meaningful and memorable days for your kid.


We share little ideas and quick fun challenges to help you connect.


We create quick personal challenges for when you are free.


We share reasons behind why and how we curate activities & ideas.

Our Programs

Our approach is to expand upon a lot of familiar territory in terms of kids’ education and extracurricular activities…and a lot of new ground that will push the limits of what you know and the talents you rely on for everyday life. 


We go way beyond STEM and even STEAM because we say: why silo life into separate “subjects” when there’s so much math in music, physics in sports?

Parent-Child Programs

These “dates” are filled with curated activities guaranteed to engage everyone.

Kids’ Programs

Different from traditional education methods, kids build connections going beyond STEAM.

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