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Here we’ll share some quick personal challenges for the next time you’ve got a few seconds to spare. These ideas will help foster your creativity, get you to start thinking differently, and help you practice gratitude one moment at a time.

Have you ever sat under a night sky and wondered about the vastness of our galaxy, or stood beside an ocean, awed by its strength in the sound of crashing waves, or walked through a forest and gazed at the grace of rustling leaves and music of chirping insects?

Have you ever held a baby’s hand and marvelled at the smallness of their little fingers, or been amazed by the courage of a grandparent who has lived so long.  Imagine having that sense of awe every day, finding beauty in day-to-day life, and learning to appreciate how connected all things are?  

This sense of wonder and the need to share it is what brought LIOHAN to life. We want to invade everyday life in a way that complements and revolutionizes the way in which we currently learn about and relate to everything. How? You ask.  Let us show you!