Inspirational Entertainment

Let us entertain you on your journey to Bond, Learn and Grow together.

Want more quality bonding time together as a family? Our latest video was created with love and silliness by Crystal and her 3 kids.

There are different activity ideas shared throughout the video below; things to do that were fun for all of us, aged 4 through 40s!

We hope it will give you and your family some good laughs and also inspire you to try out a new project or hobby together.

This is the first film we’ve ever created together.¬†Everything you’re about to see is the result of us just saying: let’s imagine it and create it!

Our Housebound Halloween

Halloween for our family has always been more about dress-up and walking around the neighbourhood together than collecting pillowcases full of candy.

So since Trick-or-Treating was cancelled in our area this year, we decided to try something different.

On our roster of Family Fun Fridays has been the video game classic A Boy and His Blob.¬†Here’s our own family’s “re-imagining” of this interactive game.

Enjoy watching it together and let us know what bonding fun you were inspired to do after!

Want More Inspirations for Quality Time Together?

Below are more activity prompts to help you bond with each other in new ways.

Some take as little as 2 minutes yet can really give you that precious heart-to-heart moment that becomes the highlight of your day.