Why Connect?

What does it mean to you to be truly be connected and living in the moment, to be present in the here and now?

Is it relishing in the bonds you have with those you hold dearest to your heart?
Is it being filled with a sense of wonder and purpose in this life?

Easy to say and even easier to forget in the midst of our everyday hectic lives, yes?

LIOHAN creates opportunities for you to connect with your loved ones, your own self, awe-inspiring ideas, and well….everything.

And we do this by helping you see and experience much which is already familiar in often entertaining and shocking new ways.


Through interdisciplinary learning…like exploring how the language of mathematics might explain why the latest hit song is an earworm or how strobe lights can make water appear to levitate…and why this all matters to you and your child. We go way beyond STEM and STEAM based-curriculum learning and find the fun and joy of being a sentient human in this incredible vast world that surrounds us.

We’ve seen that by learning more about the world around us together, and being vulnerable together as we try new things that are outside our comfort zones, we strengthen our bonds together.

For kids, gaining exposure to new contexts for what they’ve seen in school helps reinforce and expand their knowledge, to truly learn.

For adults, continuing to evolve ourselves with new ideas and challenges is not only fun – it can also positively impact your effectiveness and happiness in everyday life.

One consistent feedback we hear is that during LIOHAN events, people relate with each other in ways they never normally do. They see each other beyond their roles as “parents” and “children” and really get to know each other in profoundly new ways.


We love wonder and learning, connecting and being…and we wanted to share this with you.

And we want to make it easy for you to have new and fun adventures with your kids.

We curate the activities, get you the tools, materials and ingredients, and clean up the mess! We help you take off the parenting hat by being the guides throughout these one-on-one experiences.

Perhaps most importantly, we take the abstract desire to “spend more quality time with your family” and make it a reality that’s fun and engaging for everyone.