Parent Child Activities

Do you yearn to bond with your children through parent child activities and just don’t know how or when?!

What if you could have heart-to-heart talks with your kids and co-create a joyous life?

LIOHAN creates entertaining activities to give you and your child quality time together to:

  • Bond – Pause and be present in this fast-paced life
  • Learn – About, with, and even from each other
  • Create – Be awed and inspired by the world around us

On this page, you’ll find some incredibly simple yet powerful activity ideas based on what we discovered when creating our in-person Parent-Child Dates.

Quick One-on-One Activities for Parent-Child Bonding

Sometimes life seems like non-stop chores, work, tasks, you name it.

Throughout all of this, it’s still possible to create meaningful time together. There really is something special about one-on-one time together with your child.

In just 5 minutes or less, these activities will help you see each other in new light. With little to no prep work, you’ll be amazed at how you can share a memorable new experience together.

About LIOHAN Parent Child Activities and Events

Paul came to LIOHAN recently with one of his children, his 7 year old. He realized he never made the time to really connect with his kids and wanted more in their relationship than he had with his parents growing up.

During their parent-child date, they

  • explored their different senses – scientists now understand we have more than 5!
  • learned about chemical reactions
  • discovered surprising things about how they think and
  • most importantly, created precious new memories

Immediately after they couldn’t wait for their next parent-child date!


Find More Parent-Child Activities

LIOHAN Signature Dates

Finding it hard to schedule regular time together with you kid? Try our stand-alone events whenever the time suits you. These themed parent-child dates re-occur regularly during the year.

After all, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Month-Long Series

Themed series of multiple one-on-one parent-child activities. Each date builds upon each prior session. You’ll work together as a team during the course of the month, learning with and from each other.

Event Overview

While we aim to keep the exact details of each Parent-Child “Date” a surprise, LIOHAN events are generally designed with the following components supporting a common theme:


A fun little warm-up activity to help set the mood and get us centered in the moment, focused on your loved one.


An opportunity to spend time getting to know the materials and concepts that you will be experiencing during the event. A brief but tantalizing start to the date!


After the initial Experiment phase, we’ll do a deeper dive into the event’s overall theme. An attention-grabbing demonstration that will leave you wanting more.


You get the opportunity to apply what you have just learned and to test the theories introduced. Most events will guide you to create something you can proudly bring home afterwards. A memento of your time together!


Look into each other’s eyes and reflect on what you just experienced together and what you just learned about each other.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming sessions.