Together in Silence | Parent-Child Activity

Together in Silence

5 Minute Parent Child Activity

If words cannot do justice for the love you feel for your child, what if we removed the restriction language imposes on us?

After all, peering into someone’s eyes allows us to see their genuine selves.

Detailed “instructions” are below and please take a look at our other unique parent-child activity ideas.

Activity: Communicate and work with each other in complete silence.


If you’re already used to that, don’t use sign language!

The idea is to learn to become more aware of each other, to communicate without talking.

So look into each other’s eyes and get connecting!

Before you start your time “on mute” choose a quick activity together. Pick anything at all as long as you need to depend on each other to complete the task.

Now set a timer for 5 minutes and….go!

Additional Thoughts:  History has shown our strong tendency to link our eyes and emotion: there is mystery in the Mona Lisa’s eyes; there are songs purporting the existence of the ‘look of love’; there is research linking eye expressions to the evolution of emotion:

Even without those examples, we can appreciate how much our eyes allow us to enjoy what is around us.  Through this activity, you will not only appreciate the wonder that is your child, you will be reminded of how much about you that your eyes reveal. Let it be love, joy, gratitude….

Duration: 5+ minutes

Pick a quiet, familiar place, where’s there’s no one else to interact with or disturb you.


How did you do?
Please let us know how your mini-date went in the comments section below.

Photo credit:
Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash