I Can Feel Your Face

I Can Feel Your Face!

5 Minute Parent Child Bonding Activity

Can you SENSE a facial expression with your fingers?

Try this awesome activity Crystal made up with her son!

It will give you a better appreciation for your sense of touch, each other, and what makes you laugh!

By the way, would love your thoughts:
Did she copy his face or not? 🤔

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Activity: Sense each other’s facial expressions using only your fingertips!

Description:  This is the perfect one-on-one bonding activity. If you want to include others, have them be judges while you take turns pairing off.

Just make sure to do this with clean hands!

It may be a good idea for everyone to keep their eyes closed. Don’t want any accidental pokes in the eyes!

Additional Thoughts:

There are people who see better with their fingers than their eyes.

This activity not only gives you a different kind of bonding time together, but it also can give you a small first-hand experience of what it may be like to “see” someone else’s face without sight.

What we found surprising during this activity was how challenging it was to understand the facial expression.

That is, we couldn’t tell if the other was making a sad, happy, silly, angry, etc. face until after we recreated the expression piece-by-piece.

Duration: 5+ minutes


Nothing but yourselves.

How did you do?
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